Precise Calibrations
Precise Calibrations
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Precise Calibrations
Precise Calibrations
Precise Calibrations
Precise Calibrations
Precise Calibrations

List of Instruments used for Calibration:

Thread Ring Gauge Each MM,BSW,UNC,UNF,BSP
Taper Thread Plug Gauge NPT / BSPT
Taper Ring Gauge NPT / BSPT
Taper Thread Plug Gauge NPT / BSPT
Thread Plug Gauge MM,BSW,UNC,UNF,BSP
Torque wrenches 0 to 550 Nm, 0 to 55 Kgf m
Rubber hardness tester Shore A or Shore D each
Profile Projector
Vernier Caliper
Vernier Height Gauge
Vernier Depth Gauge
External Micrometer Fix Type
External Micrometer With Interchangeable Anvils
Micrometer Inside Tubular Rods
Micrometer Master ( Setting Piece )
Micrometer With dial L.C. 0.01
Micrometer With dial L.C. 0.001
Micrometer Groove Type L.C. 0.01
Measuring Tape
Tool Makers Microscope
Depth Micrometer fix type
Depth Micrometer With Interchangeable Anvils
Height Micrometer
Plunger Dial Gauge
Lever Dial Test Indicator
Dial Depth Gauge
Dial Snap Gauge
Bore Gauge
Dial Caliper Inside/Out side
Paint Thickness Foils Individual Piece
Plain Plug Gauge
Plain Ring Gauge
Sine Bar
Snap Gauge Fix Type
Feeler Gauge
Radius Gauge
Thread pitch gauge
Level bottle
Engineer’s Square
Pin Gauge Set
Bevel Protractor
Coating Thickness Foils
Thread Measuring Wires
Flush Pin Gauge
C.D. Gauge
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